A Movie Needs to be Made

   I really feel like I could earn millions if my wedding week was made into a movie.  Instead of "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" it could be "My Crazy Bilingual Salvadoran Wedding." So Friday morning, the day before my wedding, Ruben and I went to the market.  A week prior we had already picked out, ordered, and paid for the flowers. We were assured that all the fresh flowers I ordered would be there. Note that was a Salvadoran white lie.  We go Friday morning and were my flowers there; only a few.  I was boiling.  I mean when you order something a head of time and pay for it I expect what I ordered to be there.  We picked up what we could and I returned home to go pick up a friend from the airport and Ruben went to go pick up a friend from the bus station.  Needless to say, later that afternoon we had all the flowers.  But shortly after that fiasco Ruben was talking to the women in charge of our wedding and we had reserved a private room at the Hotel Capital in which we would be having the rehearsal dinner.  He gets off the phone and says, "They say they have two events and we can't use the room."  I quickly reached my boiling point, again. I just can't understand how people change things at the last minute when you have already paid.  After, some heated discussions and my mom praying, everything was back on.  After my friends came in I wanted to go get my nails done.  Well, we only had time for pedicures. So as we are running out of the salon trying to get back to the house to get ready we get stuck in rush hour traffic. We finally make it and there is like fifteen of us trying to get ready in my apartment.  As Ruben is messaging me asking where I am and have a I left.  This is at 5:00 when the rehearsal was supposed to start.  Karen, my old roommate,  tells me Melissa is already there and they are telling her there is no event in the hotel.  So I am scrambling around trying to get ready and calling Ruben and telling him about what was going on. He was almost at the hotel so he said he would figure it out.  We finally arrived an hour later, but thankfully we are in El Salvador, and we were still had to wait on the Pastor and guitar player to arrive.

The actual rehearsal was crazy.  First because it was in two languages. Second because it was not a traditional American nor Salvadoran wedding which I guess threw everyone for a loop.  There was all kinds of suggestions and such, even though, I had typed out what I wanted.  As I patiently listened and took some suggestions and others I just stood my ground, such as the paragraph vows that would have to be said in Spanish....I was like no way.  I'm going to be nervous enough up there much less having to remember vows in Spanish.  We decided to do the wedding ring exchange in each of our own languages without the translator. The rest of the ceremony was translated by a good friend who was frantic about the how long the preaching was going to be and how the Pastor who married us changed what he was going to say about ten times.  In the midst, of people telling me where to stand, how to walk down, what to say, the electricity went out like two times.  I wanted to cry out of frustration and stress.  After the last energy loss we decided to go eat, which was enjoyable, and we did a quick rehearsal one more time after that.  At that point I was just ready to go home, sleep and not think about the wedding. My only consolation was Melissa and my mom saying that all rehearsals are crazy...that is why you do them because if not your wedding would be crazy.

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