Mission Trip Wedding

The festivities that we call my wedding have now begun.  It was supposed to all begin Tuesday night with the arrival of my family but that was postponed with a missed flight.  So they didn't fly in until 12:20 Wednesday which happened to be the same flight of a friend who came down for my wedding as well.  Of course the flight was a little late and the airport was packed.  My family and my friend didn't come out until close to 2:00.  Keep in my mind the civil wedding was planned to start at 5:00 and the airport is a good 45 minutes or so outside of San Salvador.  Because of all the luggage, for my wedding, we borrowed a micro bus from someone at church.  As my family came out with all their luggage I was reminded of my King's Castle days of picking up a team.  We loaded down the micro bus and headed on our way.  About 20 minutes into the trip the micro bus starts to over heat and shuts down.  So we sit on the side of the road a good 40 minutes as we are waiting for 4 different friends/family to drop what they are doing and come rescue us.  Now it is almost 4:00.  First person to the rescue is Ruben's cousin and we put like 3 suitcases including my wedding dress in the trunk and my mom, sister, and I go with him.  We figured the girls would go first so we could get home and start getting ready.  We arrived about 4:15 at the house and started getting ready.  Then about 15 minutes later another friend dropped off the guys. Ten minutes later another friend dropped off all the bags.  So we all made it and scrambled to get ready and left the house about 10 minutes to 5:00.  Of course at that hour we got stuck in traffic.  Keep in my mind I have a Kia Rio.  My dad, brother, and friend are in the back seat.  My brother and friend are both over 6 feet tall. My sister is sitting in my mom's lap in the front.  As we are sitting in traffic a cop car two lanes over started waving us down.  I think, "Great they are going to give me a ticket."  But they were telling me that something was wrong with my tire.  My brother stuck his head out the window and said it looked low but I was good. So we prayed and decided to just go straight to the site of the wedding.  We finally made it a few minutes late but ironic that all the Salvadoran's were there waiting on the "punctual" North Americans.

    I was greeted by my fiance, Ruben, with a dozen beautiful roses and we walked up to the site where the wedding was to take place.  A civil ceremony is basically the same thing we do in the States when you go to the courthouse and sign the papers with your witnesses. The difference here is that it is a formal event usually done at a nice restaurant or someone's house.  We decided to have it at Café Vivero El Arco (http://www.viverocafeelarco.com.sv/) which is a very beautiful restaurant and coffee garden.  We had some friends translating for my family and friend.  It was wonderful that my family could be here to share this cultural experience with me.  The place was beautiful and the ceremony was nice and now I am Señora Kristal Molina.  After the ceremony and all the congratulations we had a typical dinner of pupusas, queso fresco, casamiento, platano frito, and quesadilla for dessert.  And it turned out that I did have a nail in my tire but after we all got back home Ruben took it to go get fixed which was his first job as a married man, lol.

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