Teaching English Abroad

These past four and a half years of working as a missionary has been mixed with a lot of English teaching  in which I discovered that I really enjoy.  I have always liked teaching and while I was at home, recently, I took a TEFL course to receive my certification to teach English as a foreign language.  I have now been hired to work at a Latin America Child Care School in El Salvador.  The typical school year, in El Salvador, is mid January through mid November.  Right now there are summer classes but I'm not teaching yet.  However, the teachers are working from 8-noon everyday until the 15.  So I have started on lessing plans and reviewing the class material. I was asked to sub yesterday for a high school conversation class which was fun and I was able to get to know some of my future students.  I am going to be teaching English Literature to grades 7-11.

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