Reunion With My Kids

  Last night I went to the King's Castle International Training camp to see all my kids that I used to work with.  Every year, except one, that I have lived in El Salvador I have been a part of the Guardian of the Vision Christmas camp.  I really wanted to help out this week but I couldn't because all the teachers were required to be at work for meetings and planning for the next school year.  However, I made it out there last night and it was so great to see everyone that I used to work with and, of course, all the children.  The children's pastor called Ruben and myself up on stage and introduced us.  All of my friends new we were engaged but many of the children did not so they were very surprised.  It was a lot of fun but emotionally it felt very odd being there as a visitor instead of a leader.  But I feel at complete peace in what I am doing now.  That season of my life is over and I'm moving into a new and different place in my life and I'm so excited to see what God has in store for Ruben and I.

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