Festival of the Open Doors

 Festival de las Puertas Abiertas in Santa Tecla is an open door festival.  It is a way to attract tourism to this area of San Salvador.  The strip has tons of really neat cafes and restaurants, which are all open, and the streets filled with vendors all from the same area.
 This is the Catholic church in Santa Tecla which looks more like a castle. This picture reminds of the movie Romeo and Juliet with Leonardo Dicrapio.

 We watched a traditional display of the running of the bulls, even though it appears to be a cow. Two old men played music, one on a flute and the other a drum, and they lit the "bulls" and a guy held it over his heard and ran like a bull through the crowd.  It was kind of scary but very cool.
 On every corner there were different types of music. This group was playing Samba.
 Ponche is a traditional drink that you can get with our without alcohol.  They make it in these big, cast iron pots.  I half way expected to see Jambalaya cooking when I first saw it. The drink is really good. The best way I can describe it was kind of like a hot egg nog.
This band was a very traditional group.  There music is very cool with Indian influence.

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