Engagement Shots

Today was the big day; engagement photo day.  We went to three different places.  The first place was Calle del Carmen in Santa Tecla which has a very traditional street look with many cafes and restaurants with bright colors.  It is a very picturesque street.  We then went to a botanical garden that had a waterfall and a huge bamboo forest.  Last, but not least, was our graffiti wall.  For us this spot was the most meaningful.

Ruben's friend making our personalized graffiti.
One of Ruben's friend painted this wall for us.  The area was a little shady, we had to move a cardboard home and ask a drunk guy to please move for a little bit so we could take pictures.  He didn't seem to mind as he was yelling obscene things about me as we took pictures.  Before we took the pictures Ruben and his friends all agreed it would be better for us to find a cop to stand by Karen, the photographer, so she could take the pictures and not worry about what was going on around her. So we waited and waited and didn't see one cop.  Ruben took off and about 20 minutes later comes walking down the road with about 8 cops, they were a unit and couldn't be separated.  As they took their post Karen started taking pictures of us and then the PNC pulled up which is the National Police.  They get out and stand around with their huge assault rifles.  It was quite funny and I kind of felt like I was famous. Before we left one of Police said you should take a picture with my gun.  So he gave us the gun and we took this picture.

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