Best Park in Central America

When I left El Salvador in August the government must have been working on the construction of the Parque Bicentenario ( Bicentennial Park) because it was opened in November for El Salvador's bicentennial. Just recently when I drove past the park I immediately wanted to go explore. For the first time, last week, Ruben and I decided to hit the trails running.  It is a big park with 129 manzanas and there are 1.73 acres in one manzana.  There are various trails to choose from and we just recently ran the perimeter of the park  which was about 3 miles.  For me this park brings trail running to a whole new level.  There are lots of hills, butterflies, beautiful flowers, and coffee plants.  There is also a little community that works the coffee farms so as your are running in the middle of San Salvador you can easily imagine you are running through the mountains in Tacuba.  This past run included the people from the community harvesting the coffee which is something I had never actually seen.  The park is not yet finished but when completed its claim to being the best park in Central America will have won my vote.  To read more about this park check out http://www.whatsupelsalvador.com/2011/11/parque-bicentenario-beauty-fitness-family-and-pride/.

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