Simple Prayer of a Child

Wednesday night I was honored to be able to spend time with the Mpact girls and Royal Rangers at Bethel Temple Assembly of God.  It has been somewhat of an adjustment since I have been back and not working in the church.  The past four and half years I have been in full time ministry.  These past two months have been a really long break for me.  Pastor Dylan asked if I would like to give a presentation to the kids this Wednesday and I eagerly accepted.  It was so great to be able to share my experiences and talk about what I did in El Salvador.  The kids were so receptive and full of questions. It wasn't just me talking we also had a lot of fund playing games.  After the service we all gathered together to pray for El Salvador.  Right now El Salvador and all of Central America is having a lot of rain from a Tropical Depression.  Many people have died already.  There has been and is major flooding, rain, winds, and mudslides.  In El Salvador, alone, they already have some 5,000 people in shelters and President Funes has declared a national disaster.  So that is what the kids and I joined together to pray for.  After we finished one of the little girls came over and asked if she could pray for me.  So she put her hand on me and she prayed a prayer straight from her heart. Praying for El Salvador, the children, me and my work there.  I almost started crying as I thought, "God knew that I needed this."  I can tell you this I would rather a prayer from a child than an adult any day. She probably has already forgot about it but it is something that I will not forget and it blessed me beyond what she will ever know.

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