World Warriors Week 4- San Juan Pueblo, Honduras

San Juan Pueblo, Honduras will be marked in my mind simply for the amount of high schools we worked in and the huge amount of teenagers whose lives were changed.  God really worked and changed me personally and my attitude about working with teenagers. It's not that I don't like working with teenagers but I love working with kids.  After this week my perspective changed as I saw God use the team to minister to the lives of thousands of teenagers.  We also had the opportunity to work in a community of Garifuna's and I was able to try an amazing soup that only they make called Machuca.  That day, at the beach, a couple of guys started talking to me and one of them admitted he was an alcoholic but he wanted to know what was it that kept me going...what was my  reason for living.  As I sat there and was able to share with these complete strangers all that God had done in my life I knew that it was a divine appointment.  They needed to hear what I had to say, in fact, they told me they knew God placed me there to talk to them and what I said really encouraged them to change their lives.  It doesn't matter where you are or what you do always be willing to share about what the Lord has done for you.

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