World Warriors Week 2- Ahuachapan

Week 2 the World Warriors worked outside of the city of Ahuachapan ministering mostly to coffee farm workers and their children. One day we went to the San Antonio Coffee Farm and hiked about 45 minutes to get to a little community of workers. We split into groups and visited the people and prayed for them. This women, in the picture, used to be a christian but for others in the church hurting her she stopped attending. She allowed us to pray for her and then she took us to the next home to pray for a family member. We walked into a small adobe shack to find an elderly man laying on sheets on the dirt floor. He had fallen while working and should have died but he was left paralyzed. Praise God he was a believer and we crouched down and we laid hands on him and prayed for his healing. But the surprising and humbling thing was he started praying for us. Praying God would bless us and thanking God for sending us to him.

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