Ministry Team from Griffin, GA

View of the lake directly across from the King's Castle International Camp.
Some of the children who live on the Coffee Plantation.

It is always a privilege to be able to work with supporting churches. Even more of a privilege to work with First Assembly of God in Griffin, GA. Even though I have never visited the church it holds a special place in my heart. On my birthday, in 2007, Pastor Randy Valimont was the speaker at the Louisiana District Council and he, by saying his church would support me monthly, encouraged about five other Pastors to do the same and I was in El Salvador the next week and I have been here ever since. We had a great time working around the lake area with the children of Coatepeque. It was a week that really stretched me with the help of a Master's Commission student and friend named Jeniffer. I have yet to preach in a church or minister in a street program. It is something that scares me to death. I get so worked up and nervous I can't do it. On Sunday morning in church she encouraged (made) me share, but I did it. Because of her push and me stepping out of my comfort zone I know that it is something that I can do in the future. In fact, I have started preparing some messages in Spanish so I will be ready when I go with the World Warrior's. Our last program was one of the most impacting to me. We went to a Coffee Plantation. Where the families work, sleep, and the kids study. When it is time to harvest the coffee all the kids go out and work. The wage is $1.00 for ever 25 lbs. of coffee beans harvested. The children seemed very open and we worked along side a Assembly of God Pastor that just started a church on the plantation about a year and a half a go. It was really neat to be able to help them and work alongside our fellow brothers and sisters in the Lord.

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