What The Kids Are Saying

This morning with the Guardian's of the Vision, the 9-12 yr. old kids in our discipleship program, we had a very interesting devotion time. They had one boy and one girl sit on stage and as the leader was talking about different things that had happened in the world this week she would then turn to the kids to hear their opinion. #1 was the death of Bin Laden and they agreed that he had hurt many people but we are not at liberty to take the life of another person, no matter how evil He is. In fact, they were very shocked and sad, as I was, to see people in the United States cheering and celebrating his death. #2 the $33 million dollars spent on the Royal wedding. The general census on that was they were in complete disagreement because there are people suffering and starving all over the world and that money should have been donated to help others. #3 Pope John Paul II being made a Saint. Again they were in disagreement because he was made a Saint for the miracles that He did but they said we all have power in Jesus Christ to do miracles but God should receive all the glory. After that Sister Annie asked me to come up and share about how I felt about the current situation with Bin Laden and the current events in general. So I was able to share with them that even though it seems like things in the world are out of control but God still has our lives in His hands and He is in control. We had a time of prayer for lost souls and that God would give us compassion for all people who do not know Jesus Christ as their Saviour.

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  1. Anonymous6:43 PM CST

    The Bible says, "An eye for an eye". I for one am glad they found & killed the murderer behind the ones who came on OUR American soil and killed many innocent mothers, fathers, sons, daughters, sisters, brothers, uncles etc in the 9-11 bombings. Thank GOD they found killed HIM. He is the one who chose to be a terrorist.