Specific Prayers

Here in King's Castle ministry there are two seasons: Team Season and Not Team Season. Both are uniquely different and regardless of what season we are in there is always so much work to be done. As the years have gone by team season has started earlier and earlier. We now get a big boom of teams in March because of Spring Break. I was privileged to be able to work with Calvary Church from Naperville, Ill. this past week. I worked with them in 2008 and was really excited when I heard they were coming back and I was able to work with them again. Most of the team was different but there were a few familiar faces. Just as before, it was a great experience working with them. We did street ministry in different areas of the city but one of the days stuck out to me above the others. It was Monday, March 28, while we were working in Soyapango. In the first program, after we had finished praying and we started playing with the kids again, a young boy was trying to get our attention. I was talking to some of the team members and they told me that there was a boy who wanted to talk. I was the only one in the group, at the moment, that spoke Spanish so I went over to see what he wanted. I kneeled down in front of him and he said, "I want to accept Jesus." His hand was covering his mouth so I couldn't quite make out what he said so I asked him again and he repeated himself. So I made sure he understood who Jesus was and why we accept him in our hearts. I told him just because you accept Jesus and decide to live for him does not mean your life will be easier, it might actually get harder. But when we have Jesus living inside of us whatever we face He makes us stronger. I told him I know it is hard for a boy his age to live a life for Christ but God will help you. He then told me that he had been running with the gangs since he was nine and now he is twelve. So I prayed with him and he accepted Christ and I encouraged him to come to church because there are other kids, his age, trying to live for the Lord and it is important to surround yourself with positive friends. This whole situation was completely arranged by the Lord. Having a gang member kid waving me over and telling me he wanted to accept Christ doesn't hardly ever happen. When I got back on the bus I told the team what happened and one of the team leaders told us that in the morning he was specifically praying that young boys would be drawn out of the gang lifestyle. That just proves why our specific prayers are so important.

This week after the team left I started helping out another Missionary Associate teach English in Las Delicias. I had not been to Las Delicias in a really long time so it was good to go and see many of the children I have not seen in a while. I was also invited by a Pastor's wife to go to her children's school and help out with teaching English. Another Missionary Associate and I went yesterday and we were able to go into various grades and teach English. They are really wanting native speakers so the children can work on their pronunciation. They told us that we have an open door into the school and any time we want to bring a King's Castle team we can. So not only are we helping educate the children but God has opened up ministry opportunities as well.

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