Reaching Out With My Own Two Hands

Today I went with the King's Castle Compassion team to two different communities called Los Heroes and Los Angeles 1. In LA1 the Master's Commission students, that I helped train in Castle Club this January, are starting discipleship classes with the children of this community.
This little boy is named Bryan and has a very hard life. His mom hates him because he is the son of a man that left her. Because Bryan reminds her of this man she treats him horribly and just kicked him out of the house. He hadn't ate since yesterday and was sleeping outside on the porch.
At the school in Los Heroes we were able to teach about personal hygiene, give out some veggies, and also pass out parasite medicine to the teachers for each student. If we give the medicine to the teachers we know that the children will receive the treatment.
This little girl is 14 years old and this is her newly born son. The last trip into this community he had a eye infection and one of our King's Castle nurses gave him some drops and he is doing much better. This time they gave her diapers.
This little baby also had an eye infection. We talked to the mom about properly cleaning the eyes and applying the drops. After that we prayed for them. It was a very special moment for all of us.

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