Never a Dull Moment

Most people might say they had a bad day when being encountered with situations such as I experienced today. I like to call them adventures and laugh at them. Thursdays, when I have the time, I volunteer to teach English at a LACC school. Today another missionary associate and I went at 8:00 am and we waited for an hour for the English Director to get out of his meeting. In his office he asked If I could substitute for the high school students. This may seem like no big deal but I had prepared for 1st and 2nd graders and was put into 45 minute classes with high school students completely unprepared; just a tad bit terrifying. But I did it and it was actually a lot of fun. After teaching I had to run some errands. So we went to the mall because there was a certain store that I needed to go to. Well, I have a Mazda B3000 truck and parking garages and parking spots in El Salvador are made for mini coopers but being that that garage was packed I grabbed the first spot I could. As I was waiting for the car to pull out I started doubting my ability to pull into the space especially since there was a huge concrete pole on one side and a concrete wall on the other. I must have verbally made my concern known but Jolie agreed that I could make it. Well, I made it alright but got stuck completely touching the concrete poll and I couldn't out. So as I'm contemplating what to do an old man comes to the window and offers his services of directing me in which way to turn the tires, needless to say, I couldn't do it. Then he tells me, "This guy wants your spot and he can pull your car out." So as Jolie is in my truck, I get out, and allow a complete stranger to get in my truck and back it out like a pro; no problems. So I thank them for their help but we have another problem; I still need a parking space. So as I am driving around to find another space, that I can actually fit in, we pass the family of the guy that helped me back out and they are all waving us as we drive by. It was super embarrassing but really funny. After that I thought I should go home before I have more stories to add to my blog.

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  1. That's so funny, Kristal. Since, I've been to E.S., I completely understand... and you telling this story is so real... I could see it happening and felt like I was there too.