Who Are You Passing By?

I feel like a sham, a phony, a fake. I say I fight for justice; I claim to have compassion on the poor but who am I passing by everyday. I am passing by a 7 year old little boy who lived across the street, who would sit outside our gate and wave to me every time I drove past, who helped the gardner in our yard. I passed this little boy always thinking I should talk to his mom and see if I could bring him and his brother to church with me. But I never did. I would wave to him, I would talk to him, I've brought him and his brothers cookies, and gave him little toys but I could have done more. Today we found out that he died two days ago. His mom thought he had a cold and he continued to get worse. By the time she brought him to the hospital it was too late. He died from Pneumonia and malnutrition. He lived right across the street from me; there was more I could have done.