Things that Baffle Me Pt. 1

This may throw some of you for a loop but not everyone in the world has a dishwasher. I do not have a dishwasher. I wash my dishes and then sit them on a plastic dish rack to dry. I am baffled at how dirty the dish rack gets. Weekly, I have to actually put all my dishes away and clean the dish rack. How does that happen? What perplexes me is that I wash my dishes; so they are clean. All they have is water on them so how does the rack get so gross? I was going to put this as a facebook status however I felt like it needed more explanation than I care to put on my status, so I turned it into a blog post.


  1. I have wondered the same thing! That thing gets grossly dirty....How does it happen, when your dishes are clean when they're put in there to dry??

    I recently bought a new one, because the other one was so gross (and I cleaned it all the time), also wanted a bigger one, but still....What the heck!

    Thanks for blogging! If you ever figure it out, let me in on it!

    Pam : )"

  2. kathy holtzclaw8:21 PM CST

    I know what it is... I think!
    Ya'll do not have air conditione either.You LIVE with your windows open so there are things in the air... dust and such and with no air conditioner that filters those things out. AND perhaps it's the water too since you don't have a filter system & chemicals to elemant those things. Don't you think those are good ideas?
    I wonder, if your grandma knows... I will ask her opinion too. She's so wise!

  3. Mom, that actually makes a lot of sense.

  4. I was gonna say something like what your mom said, but even where I've lived and used a dish rack, the same things happens; I conclude that it's whatever chemicals/minerals are in your water combined with whatever particles are in your air. Even if it's just something small in the water, the minute it dries they stick around.

  5. NO dishwasher here either. we use the rag to dry off the dishes then off to the cupboard. Its been like this for yrs. Kinda looks better, now that I think about it.