I rang in the new year with my missionary family and a team from the United States. I made cajun red beans and rice and everyone loved it. It was the first "cajun" food most of them ever had. Even my Salvadoran friends liked it however they thought it was a little to spicy. We did fireworks, bombs, mortars, firecrackers, sparklers, ect. for what seemed like hours. Around 10 we all gathered together and had a time of worship and prayer. Then it morphed into a testimony service. Everyone began sharing cool miracles and then we prayed for different team members who needed miracles in their body or life. The team also surrounded the missionary team and prayed for us and the ministry. It was a wonderful time with the Lord and a terrific way to bring in the New Year. Right before midnight we went on the roof to view the most spectacular firework show you could ever see. From the Triplett's house you can see over the city and literally in every direction there is nothing but fireworks for a good 30 minutes straight. Words and pictures can not even come close to explaining how awesome it is. I love El Salvador and I love being here and I thank God for all He is done in my life and look forward to amazing and new things in the Lord in this upcoming year.

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