Real Salvadoran Christmas

Christmas Party at Church.
Sulma and I cooked the turkey for the first time.
Setting off fireworks for the first time.
This Christmas was a lot of firsts for me. It was my first "real" Salvadoran Christmas. I have spent Christmas's here but I have always been with Americans. On the 24th we always have church service. In which we had a Birthday Party for Jesus with the children and gave them their gifts. Then after the church service I went over to Oscar and Sulma's house. Oscar and Sulma are the children's pastors that I work with. Sulma and I cooked a turkey for the first time, ever, and it turned out perfect; thanks to my mom and the cajun injector and baking bag she brought down for me. So, we put the turkey in at 7 pm. We hang out and then we went to visit another family in the church and ate Christmas dinner with them and hung out at their house until 10 pm. Drove back and took the turkey out at about 11:00 pm. Went around the corner to by fireworks. Started setting off fireworks at 11:30. I set of a firework and it was my first time to do that as well. My dad or brother always lights them as I watch. By this time the streets are full of people and everyone is setting off fireworks. Then when it turns 12 it is like a war zone. Fireworks are going off and everyone hugs one another and says "Feliz Navidad." It felt very similar to New Years Eve but it was Christmas eve. Then we all went back to the house to eat Christmas dinner. We hang out for a little bit more and then I went to bed. It was so much fun and a really cool experience. I learned another cultural thing for this time of year. Everyone eats grapes and apples on Christmas Eve. Every house we went to there was a plate of apples and grapes. Some people eat 12 grapes at 12 for good luck.

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  1. That is so cool! Fireworks sounds like a great idea for Christmas. I don't know how they would do here in Michigan with the cold though. :/
    Thanks for charing the cultural thing. It always fascinates me how people do things differently from culture to culture. Grapes and apples.
    Congratulations on your turkey!
    Feliz Navidad!

    Heidi G