Mini Master's Boot Camp

The Guardian of the Vision Mini Master Program is for levels 10 and up and is over a month of preparation and ministry while the kids are in their summer break. Boot Camp officially started Saturday morning and ends today after lunch. It consists of morning devotions, english classs, games, How to share your faith, swimming, practicing dramas and songs for Big Day, working on scenery, and Bible Trivia. Last night we had an incredible time of prayer as the kids were filled with more of God. Scott William's, Missionary from Canada, was with us last night. All the kids surrounded him and prayed for the children of Canada to come to know Christ. Today in the morning we will continue working on the Big Day Program which is next Sunday. In the afternoon starts Warrior School; which is much more intense and they actually receive grades from the classes they will take, they have to memorize like 5 scriptures a day, anytime they hear the whistle they have to stop what they are doing and run to whoever is blowing it. It is a week of intense training and learning about God and ministry. It's already been three days with these kids and I can already tell God is going to do amazing things through them.

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