Samuel's Story

Samuel Alexander
Dob: May 13, 1998
Age: 12 years old

One day some people came to my house and invited me to a street program and at that program I accepted Jesus Christ in my heart. After that I started going to church and I'm a Guardian of the Vision and I received the baptism of the Holy Spirit in the prayer fortress when I went to level 10 camp. Now I would like to be a Mini Master because God has given me this goal.

Mini Master's is a program that we have for the Guardians of the Vision level 10 and up. It is during summer vacation which starts in November. November 5-12 we will be in the Prayer Fortress for our prayer week, 12-19 will be Mini Master boot camp which is a week of intense training for evangelism, and the rest of November we will be working in churches and doing street programs throughout El Salvador. The first week of December is the Guardian of the Vision Christmas Camp and then the Mini Master will be working a miracle campaign after that. Then we will have a break for Christmas and at the end of January we will be going to Honduras for the Regional King's Castle Summit in which we will be doing evangelism on the Coast of Honduras. The kid's are working hard to raise their funds so they can be a part of these activities in which God will dramatically change their lives.

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