Cristian's Story

Cristian Ramirez was a 10 year old boy who was a Guardian of the Vision. This past Saturday we were going to cancel the weekly children's program because it was declared nation-wide that kids were going to have to go to school. We decided to have the program just in case some kids showed up. Cristian was 1 of the 16 Guardians that came to the program on Saturday. We had a great devotional time and Cristian
was in my prayer group in which we
prayed for our purpose in life. Later in his class he told his teacher that he was ready to die but he wanted his family to be prepared to go to heaven, as well. After the class, we all played soccer together. Later on that evening his mother told him to go to a Children's Day Celebration at another church close to where he lived. He didn't want to go but went anyway. At 4:00 p.m. on Saturday, a Pastor of another church lost control of his truck and ran into the church. Cristian was hit and died instantly as did the Sunday School teacher. That night we went to the wake. I was able to talk to some of his friends, who are also Guardians, and we talked about how much fun we had that morning. They all said it was like he knew it was his last day because he so happy. One of the girl's said today at church was a good farewell for him. Around 1:00 a.m. we were invited to go talk to Cristian's mom. I have never seen anyone so distraught and sitting in that room as she held his shirts like a baby was incredibly painful. All I could do was pray that Pastor Misael and Pastor Sulma had wisdom in what they said as they tried to comfort her. She did not want to be comforted and kept saying "Cristian wanted to be a Pastor! Why would God take such a good, sweet kid? God took a piece of me when He took Cristian, I don't want to live anymore." It was extremely hard to hear what she was saying in her grief but from that moment I knew God started working in her heart and the hearts of the rest of the family. The next morning we had to tell the kids at church. It was hard to see their reactions but we were able to use Cristian's death to remind them that we never know when we could die and it is important that we get our lives right. Many children raised their hands saying they were not ready to meet Jesus if they died when the left church and we were able to pray with them. After that we loaded up a bus and took the Guardian's to Cristian's home to see his body and say words to the family since the kids wouldn't be able to go to the funeral. It was very hard but it was good not only for the kids to see their friend but the family saw 50 something kids get off the bus to see Cristian was an encouragement to them. I was so proud of our kids, as in groups, we went in to see his body and while they were waiting outside they all sitting had out their Bibles reading. A few different kids went inside the house and shared words with Cristian's mom and family. I was really proud of Leticia as she spoke being that she just lost her dad and we were at his funeral on Friday. Samuel, with authority, spoke to the family and said, "Cristian's body lays in that casket but he isn't there. He is in heaven with Jesus and if you want to see him again you need to give your life to Jesus Christ."
Today was the funeral and the mom asked the kids to come inside and sing "Mi Rey Jesus." She said Cristian would come home singing it. About 20 of us went inside as Cristian's Guardian of the Vision shirt was laying over the casket and his mom was weeping we started to sing My King Jesus and a peace just came over the room as she rested and listened. As we were finished we heard it playing outside. They asked for us to do the songs so all the Guardians, and Youth Warriors, went out in the street and did a Castle program for hundreds of people. While they were doing the program the news station came and taped. Pastor Misael lead the actual service at the grave site which was a good bit away in Tejutepeque and he did a great job. Cristian did not die in vain! Today hundreds of people heard the good news about the salvation we have in Jesus Christ and could feel His presence in a real way. We believe the Lord is going to save Cristian's family and one day they will all be reunited in Heaven just like he wanted.


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    WOW This is definitely a story that will always set the example! true follower of Jesus!
    F. Gendry GUILLEN

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    wow..thanks jesus