Independence Day 2010

Today is Independence Day for Mexico, Central and South America and we celebrated it with a family that I have celebrated this holiday with since I have been in El Salvador. We had a lot of fun because we drove out to Suchitoto which is where the grandfather lives. It is also Geremias's birthday tomorrow and that is why we are covered in icing. It is tradition here that the birthday person gets icing in the face but somehow it turned into a war. Geremias used to be a Guardian and now is in our adolescent program at church and now his little sister, Catherine, is in our Guardian's program. We ate breakfast and then went into town and saw the end of a parade and then we went to the lake and took a ferry ride across. For lunch we had Sopa de Gallina, hen soup, fresh coconut milk to drink, and of course cake for dessert. It was a very special and memorable time.