What I Do

Some of you may wonder, "I know Kristal is working with children in El Salvador so what exactly does she do?" So for all of you wondering souls here is what my normal week looks like.

Monday- Pastor's meeting
Tuesday-Ministry free day
Wednesday-Friday: In the office working on whatever needs to be done. Preparing for our Saturday and Sunday programs, translating materials, working on whatever our next big project is
Sat-Sun: I teach level 11 in our Guardian of the Vision program and also help out in level 6 of Castle Club, lead worship in children's church, and teach Sunday School.
And we are always trying out different things during the week such as going into the neighborhoods doing discipleship, giving English classes, or just hanging out and visiting the kids and their families.

So that is a normal week. However, during the summer I, also, work with World Warriors. World Warriors is a 6 week intense mission trip for students ages 16-21 in which we work within 2-3 countries in Central America. There are also times I work with teams translating and such. And any time we have campaigns or special events or anything that has to do with the children the Children's Discipleship Staff is there prepared and ready to help.

I love my job and all that it requires which is much patience, creativity, love for children, and most importantly God.


  1. Aunt Mary7:48 AM CST

    This is great Kristal. I know you are blessing many people there with your servants heart. If you can receive care packages, send me your address. Love ya,

  2. I can receive stuff here but when you send it you just need to makes sure you list everything on the outside. You can send stuff to Castillo Del Rey, c/o Kristal Holtzclaw, Centro de Gobierno, Apartado 2799, San Salvador, El Salvador, CA.