The Walls Fall Down

Wow! What a weekend. Thursday evening started a four day campaign in zone 7 which is an area in San Salvador. Yesterday morning we had a Mega Fair, which consists of inflatable games, space walks, and fair type games. It is absolutely free and it starts with a service for kids and then they can play games for a few hours to win tickets so they can buy stuff in the store. The discipleship staff is in charge of the logistics and preparations of the whole thing. It is quite a bit of work but so worth seeing over 1,000 kids having a blast. After the fair we took about 50 of the Guardians of the Vision to the King's Castle International Training Camp in which we practiced and prepared until 12:30 am. My part of the dramas for Big Day was a mime drama with a group about 10 kids. We practiced a few times and spent about 30-45 in prayer interceding last night. One of the coolest things about the group of kids I chose was they are in the lower levels of the Guardians program so they are younger and possibly haven't been in church very long. In fact, one of the boys I was teaching a few months back in a very dangerous zone recently graduated and now is a Guardian and he was doing the mime drama. While we were all praying together he started singing a worship song and we all joined in and it was a very special time in the Lord. Tatiana one of the Guardian's who has Epilepsy was also part of the mimes and it really made her feel special. I am and was so proud of those kids; they did a great job. Today after the preaching all the Guardians went up to minister and pray for the people with needs. The theme of Big Day was "The Walls Fall" and we did a whole drama about Joshua and the walls of Jericho. The mimes represented present day situations which create walls around us. The ministry time was amazing! The presence of God really fell in a powerful way. As I was praying for different people I noticed Enrique, one of the Guardians who was in the mime drama, sitting by himself looking sad. I went over to talk to him and he told me he doesn't know his dad and his mom is not a Christian. I talked to him for a little bit and we prayed for his mom to be saved and I just prayed over him for protection. He is a great kid and lives in a gang infested area. I really see great potential in him and I know God is going to use him in mighty ways. I told him that and kept praying with him and I just began to weep. I felt as if God was letting me feel his burden, the weight he carries daily. It was another special time and I know that the Lord really touched his heart as well as mine.

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  1. Looks like God Called us both to pray with him on sunday... Check out my face book profile picture you might recognize el nino en the foto