Vacation Time

We have started fiestas de agosto (August vacation) which is always the first week of August in celebration of the patron saint of San Salvador, Salvador del Mundo. Basically, everyone is off of work and everyone goes to the beach. This coming weekend is when the real festivities take place in celebration of the saint. We decided to take a few of the kids from the Guardian of the Vision program to "Termos del Rio" which is a water park and it also has thermal pools from natural hot springs. It is a fun place and it wasn't super crowded. The two girls sitting on the outside of the picture are in the level I teach and are also in my Sunday School class. The kids and the leaders all had a great time just hanging out. I had been to this water park before, with friends, and it wasn't near as fun. There is something about watching children have a blast and being able to have fun with them.

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