Somewhere Over the Rainbow

Yesterday as the children's leaders were meeting together to work on the Big Day evangelistic campaign service that is coming up this month it started raining with the sun out. We are divided into different committee's and I am on the committee that is creating and teaching the songs and dramas. As we were discussing the theme and talking about the only hope for the world is Jesus Christ we look into the parking lot and there was a complete rainbow in front of our very eyes. We all just looked and stared because not one of us had ever seen a complete rainbow so close and so bright. We were all in complete awe and just thanked God for his sign and promise that He is with us and He is the hope for all. It was one of the coolest things because it was so close; you could see the beginning and the end. It was as if it were just for us.

The rainbow appears twice in the Bible: in the first and the last book. (Gen. 9:13,14; Rev. 4:3, 10:1) The rainbow represents God's mercy and his covenant with men.

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