Survivor Nicaragua

They are taping Survivor Nicaragua right now but the real survivors are the World Warriors having survived tarantulas, bed bugs, torrential rain, zip lining and one mega day. It has been a great experience but a somewhat more difficult one. We just completed week four of nonstop work and we are preparing for our last trip before we return to El Salvador which is going to be up in the Mountains in Rio Blanco. This past week we experienced dreams and visions, miracles, healings, baptim in the Holy Spirit, and many salvations. One major miracle happened on the second day of ministry while an intern, a world warrior, and an AIM team member were praying for a 8 year old girl who was crippled but she looked like she was two. They prayed for her and as they were praying actually felt her arms turn to mush and her hands relaxed and turned normal as did her feet. When we were leaving her dad was holding her hands and she is walking in front of him which she could not do before because her feet were all contorted and twisted in different directions. That same night, in a church service, many children received the baptism of the Holy Spirit. The day that impacted me the most was the last day in which we worked in three different orphanages. From the first to the last it was hard to keep my emotions under control. The children were in such need and desperate for love and attention. We were only with them for a short time but many of those children received the salvation of Jesus Christ and His love will never leave them.

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  1. Kristal, I thought of you and your group in Nicaragua while I was there and my prayers were with you. What miracles you were privileged to be part of! Dios te bendiga!