One for One: Why You Should Buy Toms

Why should you buy a pair of Toms? Because when you buy a pair you are also buying a pair for a child in another country who can't afford shoes. A more practical or personal reason is that while working with the World Warrior's in Nicaragua we saw little children, all over the place, that had a good pair of shoes thanks to Toms. I also read that they are going to be doing a big shoe drop here in El Salvador, which makes me very happy. In fact, Tom's contacted Convoy of Hope about sending a bunch of shoes down here. The idea of Tom's is super cool but when I actually see the shoes on the feet of the kids I am ministering to it makes it even better. So I encourage you to buy a pair of Toms and choose to give shoes to the children of El Salvador. To read more about Tom's you can do so here: http://www.toms.com/our-movement

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