Women's Ministry Team

I was privileged to be able to host a women's ministry team from Crossroads Assembly of God from Lafayette, LA. Every time I work with a team from Louisiana it makes me feel like I have a little piece of home with me here in El Salvador. We had three ministry days in which we worked in three different rural areas; Coatepeque, which is the community around by the lake which is known as the Valley of the damned, Nueva Esperanza, a community that is built in the middle of lava fields, and Potrerillos, a community up the Mountain that was basically rebuilt by the church after the earthquake in 2001. All three areas are very hard places but we ministered with all our hearts in each place and many lives were changed. There were some really neat highlights for me from each day that I want to write about. The first day a little boy came up for salvation and Miguel, a Master's Commission student, asked him why he wanted to go to heaven. The little 4 year old boy replied, "Because I want to be happy and I want to be free." The next day we drove to Nueva Esperanza and there was a group of young boys, the youngest being 7 or 8, smoking and cussing. Essentially, these boys are men in there attitudes. There were quite a few very rough, hard boys but those are the ones my heart goes out to even more. The Lord lead me to some of the young boys and I started sharing with them and it was all God because at one point there were probably 6 0r 7 intently listening to what I had to say. One boy was 14 and I asked if he had Jesus in his heart and he said no. I asked him why he didn't want to accept Christ and he replied, "It's not my time." I told him that the Bible says today is the day of salvation and the Lord wants to use him. He said, "I know but I'm not ready." Even though he did not accept Christ I know a seed was planted. Later on that day we had a meeting for only the women and it was powerful. I shared a little bit with them, the first time I have shared with a group that big in Spanish, but the Lord took away all my fear and I know that God used my words to encourage those women. The last day we had to take a flatbed truck up the mountain and we did a type of ministry we call Missionary Hands which means we go house to house and help out with whatever they need and then pray for whatever needs they may have. The purpose is to actively serve the people and show them the love of God. Our group drew water from cisterns, hand washed clothes, peeled banana leaves, chopped wood, and pulled stems from the leaves of a plant called Mora. After that I played soccer with the kids until it started raining and we had a great program for the children in the church. I believe about 70 people accepted Christ in those three days. It was really neat to see God working through each and every women that came. They all stepped out of their comfort zones and the Lord honored them for that and used them in a powerful way to touch the lives of many people in El Salvador.