This is my last week before I work with a women's team from Louisiana and then some of my World Warrior's start to come. In the midst of tragedy surrounding me, in the place I am currently living and my real home in Louisiana, I am brokenhearted. I have decided to dedicate this week as a spiritual retreat. To intercede for specific situations, and to prepare myself to be the leader God wants me to be and to minister His love with power and anointing. I am not capable of doing any of this myself but through Christ ALL things are possible.

"To retreat is always a time of knowing ourselves that we may know Christ, and of knowing Christ that we may know ourselves. To retreat is to takes times of reflection, to pray rather than analyze, to open oneself more fully to the Spirit. We cannot learn this deeply enough. In some way, this is all one has to do: to remember and to realize who Jesus is in order to know who we are." -Edward J. Farrell, from his book Gathering the Fragments

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