Obstacle Course

I have taken three different courses from Christian Camps International since I have been living in El Salvador. They were never easy for me because I took them all in Spanish; however doing so helped me incredibly with my Spanish. The most recent was training on how to use the Obstacle Course and team building games. We didn't just learn safety and how to run these types of activities but how to reflect upon them and apply it to ministry and daily life. So yesterday, for the first time since the training camp, I was able to apply what I had learned with our summer interns. I was a little bit nervous, even though this time it would be in English and considerably more simple, I wanted to make sure that everything I said was what the Lord wanted me to say. The interns are staying at the King's Castle International Training Center which is in Santa Ana about an hour away from San Salvador, the capital and where I live. So I had plenty of time, in the car, to pray and prepare myself. I believe it went really well and it is a good feeling to be able to teach something you know you have been properly trained in and use it to help train others. We are all looking to a great summer here with our interns and World Warrior's and I know that I will have many great stories to be post throughout the next few months.

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