Excerpts from my Journal

Tuesday June 22- We arrived in Juayúa which is located in the department of Sonsonate. We met up with a a local King's Castle team and did street programs and then a children's church in the church that was hosting us.

Wednesday June 23- We went to a shelter today for people who have lost their homes from all the rains. The children were super excited for us to be with them. In fact, when we left one little boy started weeping and said, "Please, don't leave me. Please don't leave me" as we were getting on the bus. No one had a dry eye.

Thursday June 24- Three really cool things happened today. 1.) During the ministry time of a program we did at a school I started talking to a group of teenage girls. I was just sharing what I felt the Lord wanted me to say. They were all Christians and I asked if any of them had any needs or problems they would want to talk about and I could pray for them. They all looked at a specific girl and kept nudging her but she was embarrassed so I didn't force her to say anything. I just prayed a general prayer for them all and gave them all hugs before I left. However, when I hugged that certain girl she held on tight and repeated over and over, "Thank you, Thank you, Thank you."
I don't know what I did but God must have used me to speak something to her life. 2.) At that same school but in the afternoon, because there are different kids in the mornings and afternoon, a little girl was standing all by herself. All her friends went up to pray and she just stood there looking sad. I asked her if she was alright and she just looked at me with tears and said, "No." I took her by the hand and we sat down and she just cried and cried and cried. She never would tell me what was wrong. But I know just loving on her and praying for her gave her some kind of comfort. 3.) In the church service that night one of the interns asked me to translate something for him to a man he had prayed for during the service. He wanted to know if the man owned his own business. The man looked a little confused when I asked but said yes he owns coffee and also a place where women come to grind their corn to make masa. Caleb told me to tell the man that when he was praying for him that he felt God wanted him to pray for blessings over his businesses so that the finances can be used to sow into God's kingdom. The man looked very shocked and said, "That is s a dream of mine to be able to use the money I make from my business for missions." So it was a word of confirmation from an intern who doesn't know Spanish and just prayed over a man according to God's will.

Friday June 25- We did programs all day and then drove three hours to the Vigilia, which is an all night prayer service. The World Warrior's did a drama to Misty Edward's "As In the Days of Noah." We drove back at three that night and didn't get in until almost 5 am.

Saturday June 26- We were able to sleep in for a little bit which was much needed. Then we went to a church in La Majada and did programs there and then stayed for the church service.

Sunday June 27- We went and did programs a little further up the mountain in an area called Apaneca and it was really cool. You could see your breath. We returned to town a little bit before lunch and had time to wonder around town and shop and stuff. Then we did our drama for the Josue Church in Juaúa. After the service we returned to the King´s Castle training center for dinner.

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