The Rain Came Down and the Floods Went Up

You can usually can see the Volcano from my backyard.
This is the ceiling in my room that is falling and dripping water from all the rain.

It's not just three days of rain, it's not just another tropical storm; it is a tragedy. If my place is falling apart and I live in a more constructively sound building than the majority of people in El Salvador I can't imagine what is happening to the homes of those made of mud, cardboard, plastic bags, and tin. I think about all the homeless people in our ministry that have no place to go to get warm or dry. Can you imagine only having the pair of clothes that you are wearing and not a place to go when you are cold and wet? They are suffering. The people in El Salvador are suffering. They have already set up shelters and are evacuating people because of the rising floods and fear of mudslides. It truly breaks my heart about the Oil Spill in the Gulf and all the wildlife that is being affected and destroyed but I will always value the suffering of human beings over that of animals and nature. Don't get me wrong because I totally care about those things but human beings trump all. Please pray for those who are suffering and are in danger in El Salvador.

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