Till the Ground

Something is changing in the atmosphere the Lord is calling to a people who are willing for the ground to be tilled and to plant the seeds of righteousness. You can not deny that God is doing mighty things and our responsibility is to worship Him in spirit and truth and go where He leads us. Open your eyes and look around all over the world people are crying out for truth to set them free. God is moving and He wants you on board.

As leaders we join together and pray before the children program starts on Saturday. This morning we prayed for a girl named Karla who seems to be on the verge of death. We are not completely sure what is wrong with her but she seems to be having kidney failure and she is eleven years old. She was put in the hospital this past week and is starting dialysis. Sulma, the children's Pastor, asked me if I would lead the prayer as we interceded for her healing. What I did not realize until Karla was pointed out to me that two weeks prior God drew me to this little girl. I prayed over her words that God gave me. What I remember is God has a plan for her life and that she is special to Him and He is always with her. I did not know her or any problems but as I walked away I just saw her weeping. Now I know that she is suffering with this illness but we are all believing God is going to do a miracle in her body.

Today I took a group of kids to an area called Nueva Esperanza. This is a community of outcast that built homes in the middle of lava fields. It is very dangerous, poverty stricken, gang infested area and majority of the people have AIDS. Children from our Guardian of the Vision program lead a street program and there were about 65 or 70 children and adults watching. During the ministry time a few children and a women came up for prayer. They all accepted Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Saviour. After this we asked if they had any problems we could pray for. The women did not say anything but kept her face covered. However, her daughter next to her said a man from up the street is always coming to their house and beating her mom. As we were praying the women just cried and the little girl was just as hard as could be. If he is beating the mom who knows what the little girl could be going through. My heart broke for this family and they are just one of the millions of people all over the world who want to be freed from the chains of oppression, sickness, and poverty. God is their only hope! He is the only one that can comfort that women as she is being beat. I wish I could do more but all I could do was just pray and hug her. I just tried to demonstrate God's love the best that I could. But I know that she can call upon her Father in heaven and He can comfort her in the midst of her trouble.

"Unless you have been able to meet God in the loneliness of soul, you and God, as if there is nobody else in the world, you will never know what it is to love other people in the world."
-A.W. Tozer from his book The Purpose of Man: Designed to Worship

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