Last week the check engine light started coming on in my truck. However, I am so busy and really need my vehicle to do all that I do that I couldn't bear to find the time to bring it in. At the beginning of this week I decided I really need to get it checked out. So on Monday I put it in the shop and they told me that it was going to take two to three days. So we are working on day 2 1/2 of being stuck in my apartment. I have been taking advantage of my free time and working on children's church material and translating devotions for the children's program manuel. But even better I have really taken much of my time to spend with the Lord. I have been reading digging into the word of God, and reading books by great men and women of God such as Corrie Ten Boom and A.W. Tozer, listening to anointed worship and just soaking in the presence of God. I must say being stranded in my house has turned into a time of refreshing in the Lord.

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