Our Life is a Vapor

Yesterday evening I got on Facebook and saw this photo, which is my brother's truck. Needless to say, I panicked and immediately called my sister to find out if he was alright and what happened. She said my brother and his friend were driving down a dirt road and he hit a pot hole, fishtailed, and flipped. It is an absolute miracle that they both crawled out unscathed. God's hand and His angles were surrounding them. Even after I found out they were fine I was quite shaken up. We never know when our lives will be over and we need to be ready for whatever time the Lord decides to take us. Last night as I was praising and thanking God for protecting my brother I felt the Lord say to me, "You are praising me because your brother lives but if he would have died would you still be praising me?" No matter what the circumstance or what happens in this life we have to be faithful to praise God not because of the good or bad but because He loves us and He is good.

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