Turn Up the Heat

Yesterday the temperature was 40 celsius which is 104 fahrenheit. Needless, to say it was warm enough without the interesting situations we encountered. First, in the salvation discipleship class I gave three of the children accepted Christ as their personal Saviour so that was awesome. Shortly, thereafter I received a phone call from someone in the office asking if I had my documents and ipod with me. I thought I did but when I went to check I realized I did not have them. I accidently left them in the Burger King while we were meeting up with someone before the class. They looked in my ipod and found my contacts and then called the first Salvadoran number they came across which happened to be the lawyer we work with for our Residency. He then called the office and the office called me. So I went back to the Burger King and the manager who found it gave it back to me. I was so thankful because she could have easily kept it. It was definitely a God thing. We also saw a motorcycle crash with a pedestrian right in front of our eyes but thankfully neither were injured.

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