Beach Ministry

Tuesday is the ministry day off so if there isn't a special event or teams I usually go to the beach to surf. Since I go so often I have become friends with some of the locals and created a friendship with them. We mostly talk surfing but I have been able to share my testimony with some of them. This past Tuesday it was like the Holy Spirit was just drawing people to Susanna and I. There are always many tourists and such so people always come up and talk to us. Countless times I have been approached simply by other travelers wanting to make conversation and I am able to share with them what I do and why I am a Missionary. We had two different people just come sit down beside us and start talking. One girl from Canada and a guy from Holland. I was really able to share a lot with the guy from Holland. He was very open even though he said he kinda follows Buddhas teaching. Susanna and I were stoked just to be able to share the gospel and how God is using us here with random strangers. So we decided to call Tuesday our beach ministry day and pray the Holy Spirit continues drawing people to us.

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