My Only Valentine

Usually my only Valentine is from my dad and it didn't fail this year. He snuck a card in my bag so I had to open when I returned to El Salvador. I felt like I was in one of those sappy Hallmark commercials as I read it and it brought tears to my eyes. The card had a poem which said,

"A parent's heart is always filled with wishes for a daughter,
and I keep many special hopes within my heart for you.
I want you to be happy with the woman you've become-your gentleness, compassion,
and warmth set you apart. I want you to be just as proud as I am of your talents-
the world today can really use your wisdom and your gifts.
And I want you to be true both to yourself and to your dreams and to feel fulfilled in any work
or role that you might choose.
But more than anything in life, I want you to feel loved.
Yes, every parent's heart is filled with wished for a daughter, especially when that daughter is as wonderful as you." -L. Staten

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