Fighting Against the Unseen

I was working in Apopa about 10 minutes outside of San Salvador. We taught classes to new children, who don't come to our church, about salvation. The purpose is to go where the kids are and get them involved in Castle Club. We taught two sessions one in the morning and one in the evening. Here some children go to school in the morning and others in the afternoon so that is why we do two classes. In the afternoon we had 5 little boys all between the ages of 8 and 10. As we were teaching them about salvation and the things of God I felt we were actually battling for their souls. Directly across the street is a house that gang members live in. All day long they were doing their thing, hanging out, listening to music, keeping an eye on all that was going on. There wasn't a whole lot of activity because there were tons of police up the road at the entrance of the area we were in. So that kind of kept things under wraps. But as we were playing with these boys I could see other young boys, around the same age, hanging out with the gang members. I thought to myself these boys could be over there. It really hit me the importance of teaching them and hanging out with them, in their neighborhood, because we are literally fighting against unseen hosts that are trying to destroy their lives. I pray those boys continue to come to the classes and really grasp onto the things of the Lord so they won't be tempted, swayed, or pressured to live a life of a gang member.

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