Earthquake in Chile

Email I just received.

Friends, as you are probably aware, an 8.8 earthquake, the 5th worst recorded in history, struck near Concepcion, Chile, early this morning and reports are coming in about the destruction and loss of life. Here is what AD Dave Ellis writes:
Things are still a bit chaotic in the country, with communication to Chilean leadership anywhere between Santiago and Concepción still very difficult if not impossible . . . the international airport, in Santiago, is still closed and with so many bridges having collapsed along the highways we are not totally sure about ground transportation into the country. We will monitor the situation at the airport and the possibility of entering the country by ground from Mendoza, Argentina and keep you informed. We have heard that many flights have been diverted to Mendoza but we just need to see if it is possible to get to Santiago from there as of now.

[We]are attempting to make contact with national church leadership to determine the need. Josh Renfro lives north of Santiago and felt the quake up where they are but reports no damage up in their city of La Serena.

We’re continuing to monitor the situation and are grateful that the loss of life has not been worse considering the magnitude of the quake . . .
Our missionaries are okay, Convoy of Hope is standing by to help, and we are simply awaiting further word. Do pray for our Chilean brothers and sisters.

Jay Dickerson
Area Rep - Central America

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