Pray for Haiti

Last night as I heard about the earthquake in Haiti from an update on Facebook by Convoy of Hope and my heart broke. Haiti is the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere and has been pounded by natural disaster after natural disaster. I have never been to Haiti but I have always had compassion for the country. My sister has been a few times and Haiti was my brother's first mission trip. I also have several friends that work there regularly with Convoy of Hope. In fact, a good friend of mine was there during the earthquake. He is ok but is asking for prayers. As I was watching the news last night I was reminded of the stories from my Nicaraguan friends that went there on a mission trip recently. Here in my room I have a small Haitian flag and a dirt cookie that the children of Haiti made which has the words "Pray for Haiti" scribbled on top. Yesterday one of my roommates and I had to turn off the news because we were in tears and we just interceded for the people of Haiti. I remembered that my brother and sister told me that the christians in Haiti loved the Lord with all their hearts and they worshipped God in such a beautiful and passionate way. This morning after I prayed I turned on the news and an eyewitness in Haiti was reporting that through the night it was quiet except for the songs of the Haitians singing praises and praying to God thanking him for his protection. Please pray for the missionaries and the people suffering in Haiti. If you want to help with your finances you can click on the link and donate. Convoy of Hope has a mission base and is on the ground doing all that they can.

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  1. Very heart wrenching...I love the part about your Haitian flag and the words "pray for Haiti on the top of it. God hears the cry's of his people and HE is at work.
    I'm gonna check back here for updates....thanks Kristal.