Gift of Giving

I hope this story inspires you to give more as it did me. The story to me is more than a story because it is real and I experienced it and it has marked me like so many things have in El Salvador.

Our church is a church full of people who come from the poorest, hardest, most dangerous areas in El Salvador. It is a church of children, widows,homeless, gang members, and families trying to do the best they can to survive in a poverty stricken country that is plagued with violence and natural disasters. However, that does not keep them down. After church service this past Sunday we had a member's meeting. Two of my friends, Loidi and Lidia, shared with us about Cambodia. They are Salvadoran women who are around my age and they have been raising funds to work with the girls who are sold into prostitution in Cambodia. They are planning on leaving next month. After they shared with us we took up an offering for them. Now keep in mind, our church has about 400 or 500 people, but the actual members that stayed were less than 100. We gave these future missionaries $500.00. I wish I could have you understand how much money that is for the type of people we have in our church. Almost every single person went up to give, even if it was just pennies. That offering of $500.00 was the biggest offering our church has ever given. They are learning that it is our job to give and to support missions. I hope this convicts and challenges you to give more. Most of these people do not even have a steady job. The women stand on the corners of streets making tortillas or selling fruit. Literally, the widow's mite had been given this Sunday and God turned into a huge offering so that we could bless and be apart of the mission in Cambodia.

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