Missionary Kidnapped in Guatemala

Esau was a second year Master's Commission student when I first came to El Salvador. He is now working as a missionary in Cubulco, Guatemala. I was just there with the World Warrior's in July. Here is a letter Don and Terri sent out. Please keep Esau in your prayers.

Dear Friends, Family & Alumni,

Please continue to pray for the safety of Esaú Chavarría. His kidnapping is a mystery.

He was kidnapped after church on Sunday evening by 5 men. One of the leaders of the church saw it all. Esau locked up the church and walked to his house. As he was trying to open the door, the kidnappers grabbed him, and threw him in the back of one of the pick ups. The leader cried out for help, but the trucks took off with Esau. No one has heard anything from him since. There have been no calls for ransom. No clues.

Some speculate it was a case of mistaken identity. Perhaps they were targeting El Salvadoran Missionary Jose Ardon who has been working with the Achi Indians in Cubulco, Guatemala, for many years now. Jose is getting married this weekend in El Salvador, and plans to return there with his new wife. Others wonder if he was targeted because of the work the evangelicals are doing in the area. We sent our Master’s Commission there just a few weeks ago, and they saw a mighty move of God. Some mentioned that it could be drug traffickers. No one can be certain.

Jose and Esau’s parents traveled to Guatemala on Tuesday, hoping to find more information on what happened. They got about an hour and half from Cubulco, and the church leader called them and told them not to come any further. The road to Cubulco is lonely and isolated. They were vulnerable traveling alone in one vehicle with Salvadoran tags. The church people are afraid and don’t know what could happen. They have since contacted El Salvadoran government officials to intervene in his behalf with the government of Guatemala.

I’m a friend of Esau on Facebook. I pulled a quote that he wrote on Sunday at 12:41 PM, just a few hours before he was abducted.

Here is the quote:

"Éste día Dios me ha sorprendido nuevamente, Señor eres fiel y tu misericordia eterna... más conmigo que necesito tu fidelidad y tu misericordia."

“This day God has surprised me again. Lord, you are faithful and your mercy is eternal...even more so, I need your faithfulness and mercy.”

He also has this on his Facebook page:

"I love you, all of my hope is in you, Jesus Christ, take my life, take all of me."

For those of you who did not read the first e-mail, Esau is a graduate of our Last Harvest Master’s Commission. He went to Guatemala in June of this year to work with Missionary Jose Ardon. Esau is only 24 years old. He turns 25 on January 1. Please pray for him and call on others to pray for him, too. He needs a miracle right now.

Your missionary,

Terri Triplett


  1. Anonymous9:32 AM CST

    Any word on him yet?

  2. Yesterday was one week since he has been kidnapped and no one has heard anything yet. We are interceding that his capturers let him go within this week.

  3. That is so scary. Praying for his safe return