Local Surfer Girls

Merry Christmas Salvadoran Style
Catching some small waves.
Some of the local girls

Tuesday is usually the ministry day of but as of lately I haven't had time off, at all, but today I was able to go out surfing. The waves were really nice and clean about 4 ft. which is perfect for me. I was out with the local kids surfing and most of them were girls and we were kind of talking and stuff while waiting for waves. I caught a big one and as I dropped in and caught I look up and see a little girl right in my path and I actually maneuvered around her and then bailed. When I came up she looked over at me and gave me a thumbs up and said "buena" which means good. So I thought that was really cool, it made my day. When we all came in I sat on the shore and talked to them for a little bit. They are all local and live right there on the beach. I shared that I was a missionary and worked with King's Castle in San Salvador. It was cool to surf with them but also to create a friendship and share with them what I do.

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