Last Day of the Christmas Parties

I feel so priviliged to have been able to go out with other fellow Missionaries in King's Castle and help out in some of the feeding programs this week and give out Christmas gifts to those children. All the children in the feeding programs are under fed, malnourished children but I feel that the kids in Nueva Esperanza are probably the poorest and most needy of all the areas we work in. I sat down at a table and hung out with a few of the kids we talked and played games. But when the food was served they scarfed it down. One little boy with a swollen belly was literally wiping his plate clean with his hand to make sure he got every little piece of rice. As I watched him and others tears came to my eyes as I wondered why some children suffer so. I always wish that there is more that I can do for them; that the little I am doing isn't enough.

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