Going to Nicaragua

Genuine Christian love is forged against the anvil of our selfishness and possessiveness
... It is important to remember that love is more than a feeling. It is active and transitive. The real test of my loving is not that I feel loving, but that the other person feels loved by me. Love is what I do to create this sense of feeling cared for.

- Morton T. Kelsey, from his book Companions on the Inner Way

Last night I found out that I need to go to Nicaragua on Sunday to work with North Shore A/G from Covington, LA. I am excited to go because I really enjoy working in Nicaragua plus I get to work with a team from home and see all my Nicaraguan friends. Two of my friends who teach english in Honduras are also coming to spend the holiday weekend with us. So it is going to be a fun time. However, it is super last minute and I realized that my temporary resident card expired two days ago and I have not received my permanent one. So I have to go downtown with our lawyer and work that all out today then I have to buy my ticket. Unfortunately, I had to leave the kids from Mini Masters but I left them in good hands and found people to teach my classes.

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