Victory Over the Violence in El Salvador

Today I read some very sobering news in a newspaper here in El Salvador. La Prensa Grafica reported that in the past two weeks an average of 15 people have been murdered daily, here, in El Salvador. There has been a total of 3,340 Salvadorans whom have been murdered this year. The majority of these murders are in the capitol city of San Salvador. (http://www.laprensagrafica.com/el-salvador/lodeldia/66587-en-primeros-15-dias-de-octubre-225-personas-han-sido-ultimadas.html)
This is a very serious problem and I am not writing this to put fear in anyone's heart but to move you to pray against the violence in this country. This is one of the reasons Bro. Don Triplett has called all the Assemblies of God to come together on November 28 to fast and pray 12 hours for El Salvador. Mark your calenders and join with us to intercede for this nation.

"Defense of human rights, equality, and freedom… is a matter of policy… rooted in the gospel.
-Oscar Romero

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