Urgent Prayer Need

I just received this letter from Terri Triplett please read and pray.

Dear Friends, Family and Alumni,

I got a call from Don a few hours ago as he was climbing up the mountain behind the Prayer Fortress. I could hardly hear him on the radio phone between his pants for air. He was breathing hard.

He said, “Just want to let you know what is happening so you can pray. One of the Pre-Master’s Commission students fell about 40 feet off the volcano and is down in the ravine. We are trying to get to her.” He was hiking up above her with Edwin, our Master’s Commission leader, and a couple of other people. Nahum and Marvin, two 2nd year students, had gotten to her, but Don didn’t know her condition.

So for the last few hours, I have been getting bits and pieces of the information, trying to piece together the story of what happened to Raquel Perez, and how she fell off the mountain.

Every year, we have a Pre-Master’s Commission camp for those who are interested in entering the program. It is run by our 2nd year students. As part of the camp, they climb the volcano behind the Prayer Fortress. They have done it a number of times without any incident. But three of the girls got away from the rest of the group. Right now, we aren’t sure how it happened. Maybe they thought they could find a short-cut up the mountain. But they got away from the rest of the group, and the trail they always use.

All three screamed as they started sliding down the path, but only Raquel fell off the mountain. When it happened, one of the girls ran down the mountain to find someone with a cell phone, and dialed 911 (yes, we have 911 in El Salvador). Then she ran back up the mountain to her friend. They made her go back down the mountain and stay down, as she was in shock from what had happened.

When Nahum and Marvin got to Raquel, they were worried about her position on the side of the mountain, but didn’t want to move her. They called 911, and they told them how to move her. Just as they moved her, several large rocks came down the mountain, right on the spot where she lay. They stayed with her until 2 paramedics and 2 policemen made it to her with a stretcher. They tied her in, and then they had to climb up the mountain to get out of the ravine, before they could go down. Don and his group met them at the top, and together, they took turns carrying her down the mountain. The ambulance waited by the Prayer Fortress.

I just got a call from Don a few minutes ago, and Raquel is on her way to the hospital in Santa Ana. The police are saying that it is a miracle that she is alive. Don said it looks like her collar bone and her ankle are broken. There is a bruise on her neck, but it is too soon to tell the extent of her injuries. He is going to call me from the hospital after they finish her tests and examination.

Please pray that God will guide the doctors as they examine her. Don had them take her to the best hospital in Santa Ana to make sure she was properly diagnosed. But that also means that we will be responsible for the bill.

We need 2 miracles:
1. That Raquel will be completely restored and healed;
2. That God will provide the finances to help her in this time of need.

Interesting side note:
One of the calls Don made to me was to try to get word to her mother. Everyone was worried about how her mom would receive the news. Her mother suffers from a heart condition, and they thought it might put her over the edge. But they were amazed to find out that all three families had sensed that something was going to happen, and they were being put to a test. Since they attend the same church in Sonsonate, they went to their pastor for special prayer. So when they got the news, they weren’t surprised. God had prepared them for what was going to happen.

We aren’t sure why this had to happen, but we desperately need your prayers.

Thanks for standing with us.

Your missionary,

Terri Triplett

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